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Default Sad sad sad what happend???????????

hey there everyone we have had a bit bad luck, just need to no what peoples view on this is well as having zola we have 2 lovely rabbits kayleigh and sky, last week one of our rabbits stopped eating lucked a little down so we brought him in the house for the night later in the early hours he was dead so sad as he was a big softy......

yesterday kayleigh the sister of sky who died was not lucking gud 2 days befoe she was jumping all over in the garden happy, i brought her in and groomed her and one hour later she was dead outside her hutch.............shock shock shock i could not believe what i saw.

i rang the vet who gave me sum ideas what it may be, during the time of the rabbits dieing zola had became very ill and was rushed to the vet she had not ate in 5 days was vomiting had the runs and was very down the vet on seeing zola sed her temp was very high and that she had gasteriatis whoops carnt spell that.

he said he does not think that these things are related but to check our garden for plants that we dont know. he has phoned me number of times as he carnt understand what happend ...... DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY CLUES ???????
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