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Prong collar?

Yogi is 7 months old. Weighing in at 65 lbs and rambunctious, I decided to borrow a friends prong collar she suggested (she has a GSD/chow). I got talked to several times about how inhumane they are whenever I took him anywhere. I did a lot of research on placement of the collar, techniques to use, and how to use it (only for training obviously)... If he responds well with it on, what's the issue? He only needed a couple of corrections and behaves very well with it. Without it, he responds well at home but as soon as I take him out he's a crazy dog. Strong dog for my 100 lb self. So now I'm questioning myself here. I've been using positive reinforcement training with great results but when it comes to public, I feel embarrassed because he acts out of control. Why would this be? And am I doing this wrong? I feel like a failure. Also, in public places he's perfect with treats. If I don't have those or the prong he acts completely defiant. Is this normal? Please be gentle...

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