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How to track down the English breeder of my future pup?

I'm very close to adding a 4th dog (and 2nd GSD) to our pack. Ozi is a handsome boy who was born in November 2011 in Lakenheath, England. He was from a litter of 9, and supposedly had large parents from both English and German lines. The current owner was given UKC papers to register Ozi, but he lost them in the move back to the US in 2012. I'm hoping you guys can help me figure out how to track down the breeder directly, or via the UKC, based on the few details I have been given. Not sure how many UKC breeders of GSDs are in Lakenheath who had a litter of 9 born in Nov 2011 from English/German lines!?! Hopefully this will help to narrow it down. I'm wanting to contact the breeder and find out more about Ozi's parents, pedigree, health, etc. as well as get him registered. Please help if you are familiar with the UKC, or know of breeders in the Lakenheath area who might be able to help me track down Ozi's breeder. Here are a batch of pics from Ozi meeting my pups for the first time in a controlled setting to ensure everyone got along, which they did (despite the one pic of my Nara putting Ozi in his place for trying to mount her)!

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