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Originally Posted by liferebooted View Post
Hi everyone, my GSD is just turning 5 months soon and about 2-3 weeks ago I started taking her to a group obedience class. Right away at the first class our trainer told everyone that we need to get and use a prong collar, I don't have anything against them but I just found it kinda odd that she wanted everyone to start using it asap at only 5 months old no matter the dog. I really like the trainer but I'm not sure about her methods. From the sites about prong collars I've read the collar should be snug with the leash hook under the right ear, yet when shes using it on our dogs at training it is loose with the lease on the top of the neck like a choker or martingale.
Talk to your trainer, if she is not willing to let you use the collar you want to use on your dog, ask for your money back.

I am not impressed with a trainer that requires any specific type of collar, though, I think with dogs a trainer has not had in classes before, a trainer might be wise to require a type of collar that cannot be slipped -- martingale, choke, prong.

And if she is requiring a prong, and doesn't know how to fit a prong, that's two strikes.

If you talk to her and she is adamant about the prong collar, that would be a definite 3 strikes your out, though for me, requiring the use on 5 month old puppies, is already 3 strikes.

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