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This is just a vent because it makes me feel better to do so. I contacted the GSD rescue in my state about a purebred GSD at our shelter that we were having trouble placing, Finn. Sent the contact form on their website, not really expecting an affirmative response about taking Finn into their rescue. Gave both my e-mail address and my cell phone number. This was over a month ago. Finn has since been adopted and it seems it has worked out, so a moot issue. My complaint is that I did not hear ONE WORD from these folks in response. Granted, Finn was in a no-kill facility, so his life was not in imminent danger, and I was trying to unload a dog, not adopt one. However, since I am a confirmed GSD person, my next contact would probably have been to adopt a dog from them or give a donation. Seems it would have been good business to respond, even if the answer was no. I'm not naming the rescue because I don't want to hurt their dogs chances of being adopted, but when I am ready to adopt, I will go elsewhere.
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