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I don't keep Cruz in a heel. I let him wonder a bit but stopping and sniffing is a no no. Stopping and sniffing every two feet I found can cause two problems. One, they din't want to stop and when they do it's on thier terms. I want the walk on my terms and does not include stopping and sniffing. I also think when you let them stop frequently, say a row of light poles or mailbox posts, they see the next one just ahead and may cause them to pull. They want to get to the next post or whatever as quick as possible and that usually means faster than you want to go. I've seen other dogs around do just that. Yank go go go stop. Yank go go go stop. All the way down the street.

But we do a heel at least part of the walk. I also use about a 20' lead when we go off onto trails, fields ect. I just let him enjoy zig zagging and we play alittle find it with some treats.
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