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Smile Good puppy choice?

So as some of you know I am planning on brining my new gsd puppy Rosco home next monday
Now that I've chosen him I want to know what you guys think about my chouse and whether you think it was good or bad.
He is a purebred SL (pretty sure american) gsd. The breeder that we got him from was reputable and breeding and showing his dogs for 20 years. I chose Rosco out of 1 other boy. The breeder recommended that we would go with the one I chose because he looked like a "better" puppy(didn't really know how to put it lol). Now I didn't just choose him because the breeder told me to but because he seemed much more interested in me than the other pup. He sat right beside me and let me pet him without any nipping at all! He just felt so right! The one thing I found a bit odd about him were his ankles. It almost looked like he had cow hocks but they were more I don't know...weird...anyway everything else about him seemed perfect to me. His temperament was very nice, he has a gaurentee on his hips and elbows and the breeder thought he was the best pick as well. Tell me if I forgot to mention something.
So what do you guys think? Did I choose well?
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