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Oh god.. this is my favourite topic, haha! We constantly are inventing new goobie nicknames for the dogs. Worst part is that they respond to all of them.

Hunter: Beast, burps, boogies, boogie-do, boogie-doobs, berger-derbs, boo, goobie, goobies, shmoo, monster, beasty, beasty beast, moo, hunsum (handsome), buhbuhs (baby).

Zenna: Zennums, Z, Zees, Zeezee, Zeezee bees, brat, busy bee, sharky, sharkeisha, zenna banana, Satan, spawn of Satan, hellion, hellhound, beans, zeezee beans, ma, toots, tootsiepop, biter, bees, Princess, demon, baby dog, little woofs, little.

I think that's it...
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