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Default Gratitude thread

I have a really interesting class I'm taking as I finish up my psychology degree, and it's called "The Science of Happiness". It's a class geared towards teaching people how to improve their life. So many fields of Psychology talk about negative things (bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, etc) but it's nice to have a class that focuses on good things.

Anywho. We read a study this week about gratitude. (I can dig it up and post it here if anyone is interested). Basically the idea is that something as simple as writing one or two things you are grateful for every few days can cause your overall happiness level to increase for MONTHS.

There was another study where participants wrote a letter to someone that they feel like they never properly thanked and delivered it and a few months later were still reporting increased levels of happiness.

As a result, I spend a lot more time thinking about what I am grateful for, so maybe you guys would like to too.

I am most grateful for the support of my father in all my life choices. He is always there to help me and drops what he is doing if I am in need. He's patient and understanding, selfless when he needs to be, and isn't afraid to tell me if I'm about to do something dumb.

I'm also grateful for how well Lara has matured. Every day it makes me so happy to peek over my pillow and see the top of her ears in the crate window Gives me a great reason to get out of bed every morning and her happy wiggly greetings always make me smile even if I had a bad day.

What things do your pets/friends/family members do that you really appreciate?
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