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Spare bed/bedroom ideas needed

We have friends who will be staying with us about a month. They are from CA and will be in our state to do an open adoption. I'll be converting my husband's "mancave" into their room, already have all the baby stuff lined up. I'm not sure what to do about a bed for them. I'll borrow a full size mattress off the spare bed at my parents house and already have linens (my MIL and FIL often come but bring their own air bed). The problem is our house is really old and because older two-story homes have narrow halls and steeper staircases, you cannot fit a full size box spring upstairs. We have a queen sized bed but got a box spring that's two pieces. I never see the two-piecers available for cheap/free and unfortunately we're not in a position to spend $$$ on an entirely new bed system (plus my husband will be wanting his mancave back). I'm trying to think of how to safely and comfortably elevate a normal mattress...?? I can't use a normal bed frame because there won't be a box spring. There are platform beds but so far I haven't seen one available for free/cheap. The best I could think of so far was placing like 20 of those sturdy plastic "milk crate" type cubes upside down and laying the mattress on top of that. I kind of don't want to just put the mattress on the floor, I want them to feel like it's a fairly "normal" space since it will be an extended stay but we're really strapped for cash right now and I've spent some of our own money already on getting all the baby supplies.
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