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My girl is 11 months old and yesterday after I gave her a bath (so she was wet) I put her on a stay upstairs so I could get down first and make sure she didn't go down and use my furniture as a towel lol, well I got downstairs, released her and she came down the stair at 1000 miles an hour, hit the linoleum, slipped, slammed her hip, then me and knocked my feet out from under me and I fell knees first into her backend. She got up just fine and went out and pottied (squatted) with no visible issues. And she didn't limp at all the rest of the day.

My question is has anyone had a pup get injured like this and still have no issues with their hips. I just don't want that to have been something that she will then be diagnosed with HD when I get her hips tested at 24 months. TIA
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