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Back legs Collapsing only 2 Years Old. Very Worried.

Hi to all members from a very damp and wet Spain. Sorry I have not been on here much but have had a few of the family departed to a better life and heavy work load etc, hope I can get on here more often to at least help some others if I can.

Well "Maika" is now two years old and is looking great, she eats well and is obedient even though I had her thrown on me at only one month. Her behaviour with strangers is a lot better and with other dogs and she is a real beauty.

I have one haunting and what maybe a very severe problem however, which I will explain in a few minutes. Where we live the winters are very cold and wet with damp grass and damp terraces made of a rustic tile which absorbs the rain, inside the house there are no carpets and all is a cold tile floor. The climate here is geared up for heat in Southern Spain more than the cold although the weather is changing dramatically as in other parts of the world. Maika likes two walks a day, one about 8am and the other about 6pm and as we live in the country her walks are quite often a wet and soggy affair with puddles and rivers and long wet grass.

When I get her home I dry her off and she lays down on a dog bed in front of the fire to dry off. So that is a bit about her life and her surroundings. About 6 months ago I noticed that when she was running after sticks at a **** of a rate of knots she goes to stop to grab the stick and sometimes her back end just drops to the floor and then she gets up again and continues on as if nothing has happened. She can be sat outside "Never" in the rain but it can be cold about 4. Oc and when she gets up she does so slowly and her back legs shack, only her back legs not the rest of her body.

I have noticed this becoming more frequent lately, about 2 times a week. I have heard that German Shepherds can suffer with a rear legs disorder from reading things on the internet and am very worried about her. She seems happy and in no pain and eats well.

I think I should mention one thing here that I think you all should know. I bought her a big dogs basket for her to sleep in at night as she sleeps indoors in the lounge, now the basket is about the biggest I can get but it still has her laying sort of half moon shape with a curve in her back and she can not fully stretch out, then she has her 4 dogs biscuits and I tuck her in with a big blanket so just her head is stuck out and she is off sound asleep yeah I know she is my baby..... My wife says she would like the same treatment!!.

Well that's it folks, that is my worry and its starting to keep me up at nights worrying about her. What if her back legs do go and she cant walk very well but is in no pain at all?, There is no way I would have her put down and would just have to adapt some sort of trolley which supports her back en and she can walk with her front legs, doing her poos and wee etc I will just have to nurse her and clean up after her although I hope it never comes to that. She is taking 2 calcium tablets everyday with a bit of sausage in order to try and help her bones. Thank you all for any help or advice or other cases similar to Maika. Regards to all. Kevin
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