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So today is a truly sad day.

We just got word from the breeder that the girl we had fell in love with and were preparing our house for and anticipating our little bundle of joy coming home. Was picked by the "first pick". We were told when we drove all the way from Florida to Georgia that she was available. I was under the impression the first pick people wanted a male and seeing how we fell in love with a female there was nothing to worry about but I guess once they got there they changed their mind. I truly am crushed. She was a perfect fit for our family and had all the attributes we were looking for long haired female, from a show line, medium drive, and sweet temperament. And when we went to visit while her brothers were climbing all over her and barking their heads off she was nice and calm and just wagging her tail at us. Everyone keeps saying oh there is plenty of other gsds out there but what they don't realize is how perfect she was. I really am sad. I can't tell you how excited I was to take her home in a week. I guess part of me keeps hoping that the breeder will call back and say they changed their minds. Any advice on where to go from here ? Should we wait and see if the breeder breeds those two dogs again or do you know of any breeders that breed the type of pup that would match our criteria ?
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