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3 month old GSD bitting

I have a 3 month old male gsd who is super smart and knows several commands so far. But i cannot get him to stop biting when he plays. He growls and jumps and bites you sometimes it seems he is just playing and other times it seems he is acting like he is the boss. I have tried giving him other toys putting him in a different room. I have been told so many different things like you cant discipline this breed with any type of force.( not force like hitting or pushing him) We also have a 7 yr old saint bernard and when he was a puppy and did these things i put him on his back every time. But now im being told that you cant do those types of things with a gsd puppy. Any info on what you all do to get through this would be great! I want to get this under control asap. My daughter cant even run trough the house and play normally because he chases and bites her.
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