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For some reason, I cannot post pictures. Nonny is about 12 weeks old, weighs around 12-15 lbs. Has all of the markings of a GS, but his fur is a bit wiry. I posted a pic elsewhere and had a friend who has been in rescue for over 30 yrs tell me he definitely has terrier in him. Not 'pit' terrier, more like fox terrier. I did some digging and I can totally see that in his legs. They're sturdy, but quite straight and long, his back legs are slender looking from the side, almost straight. Well, today I posted another pic and the same person said "definitely not GS" but not sure what he is. I don't know enough about breed specific behavior to site any of that as an indication of his make up.

I wish I could post a pic so I could get more opinions.

I am so disappointed! I love him anyway, and he'll likely stay with us. But, I'm heartbroken right now. I REALLY wanted a GSD/mix and so did my daughter. I knew that he wouldn't hit all of the standard GSD stuff b/c he is a mix, but I'm really disappointed. So far the shelter we adopted him from lied/was incorrect about his age, and possibly lied to me about his breed - probably just to get him adopted. Going by the loss of his puppy teeth- two top front teeth lost already- he's about 12 weeks, maybe more, but he definitely was NOT 10 weeks old on Jan 20th.

As for his weight and size, he's had a couple of bouts of diarrhea and didn't eat much during those times (I rested him and fed light meals in those times) so that could account for the low weight. But geez- everyone else's GS's are 20+ lbs by 12-14 weeks, not barely 15 lbs!!

Now I'm wondering if he doesn't even have the Lab they said he did! I'll have to call them on Monday to ask where they got his info. Then again, they may 'cover' themselves and insist he's GSD/Lab mix. Who knows, maybe the owner/surrender person had it wrong.

I'm just heartbroken. I know that seems unloving towards Nonny. I do love him! I'm just taking it really hard b/c I was so happy to have found the type of dog I wanted, that's what is making me even think about giving him back! Would it be wrong to bring him back and go through a different source for a GS? Ahh, I'm just typing out loud....
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