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Leaving puppy during the day

I'm sorry if this question has been asked 1000 times, I tried to search for a thread with a similar situation and was unsuccessful.
I'm getting my first GSD puppy this June from a breeder. I've been around puppies before and had new puppies at home, but this will be my first large breed dog. I currently have a small shepherd mix that is about 8 months old right now. I work as a paramedic and right now I'm on 24/48 schedules and my mother gets my current dog during my day at work. Next week I'll be switching to 12 hour shifts a few days a week. I'm looking for advice on what to do when the new puppy comes home. My current dog is crate trained but goes outside for the few hours she is out before my mother comes over. She enjoys being outside and will probably be left outside while I work on my 12 hour shifts. She has shelter, food, water and toys. The yard is fenced with a privacy fenced and the bottom of the fence is dog proofed. The gate is secured with a sturdy lock and I live in a gated subdivision. Would the new puppy be ok being left out with my current dog while I'm at work? I know crating him for 12 hours isn't going to be an option and I would rather not lock him in the house and have him learn the habit of pottying inside. I had considered buying a chain-link dog run if needed for the new puppy, but would rather not do that if he will be ok being allowed loose in the yard. With my schedule I have several days a week that I am off and have a pretty good routine of spending those days with my current dog and intend to continue that when adding the puppy. Just looking for some advice, thanks!
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