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"Weird" behavior..?

This may come off as a weird question, but it really bugs me. Before I ask, I think i need to give some background info.

The neighbor upstairs has a male GSD, Lord. Lord looks impressive, and quite scary. every time i meet him with his owner, the owner acts as is Lord will become this big monster and will eat both Kali and me. LOL. it might actually be true as far I know.

The other day, while taking a walk we met wit another man and his GSD. this man acted the same as my neighbor o.O

Kali wants to meet all the dogs she sees, so she would pull me just to reach the possible friends faster. she's only happy after they sniffed one another. and sometimes not even then, as she wants more.

Should i worry every time we meet a new GSD? should i expect her to behave in an aggressive way when she's an adult? Or the owners of the 2 GSDs we saw so far were just scared Kali would attack/get scared? Any input is welcomed.
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