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"new" puppy.

First off, I'd like to say hi and that I am new to this forum. (this may be longish)

I really joined because I am at my wits end with our puppy and I NEED HELP. we got her when she was 9 weeks old. she was the calmest puppy there and seemed like such a sweet heart. now, she is not a pure breed german shepherd. she is also mixed with husky and wolf.

we understood we would have to deal with puppy biting but she is now 17 weeks old and bites SO much and its hard! any time we try to correct her she only comes back at us harder. I have a 1 and a half year old who is terrified of being around her because of the biting. she'll go after my daughters thighs and everything. I have tried the yelping when she does bite too hard, which only results in her lunging at our faces to bite us. I have tried grabbing her muzzle putting her head to our chest and firmly telling her "NO BITING" still no help. I have tried replacing our hands, feet, faces ..etc with the chew toys we have for her. I tried "pinning" her. I have tried shoving my hand to the back of her mouth when she bites my hand and lastly I have tried a spray bottle because the vet told me to try that.

none of these have worked. mind you, we give her tons of toys and bones (the nice large chewy, because she still has her puppy teeth, juicy yummy bones)

along with this, we're also having a problem with her bouncing from couch to couch. she doesn't listen when corrected. we have had her for 2 months I would figure we would see a difference in her behavior.

she loves the outside and gets plenty of exercise. she has done very well with learning tricks like sit, paw (both paws), lay down, roll over.

OH and one more thing. she is very protective over her bones. she growls when we pet her while she's chewing on the bone. when she has done this I remove the bone from her, place it at my feet and don't allow her to have it until she no longer has interest in it and moves on. then I make her sit, wait and give it back (will this work) she was like this with her food at first but we have managed to fix that! toys, are no problem she really doesn't give a hoot.

I need this help, I need to see progress because again we have a 1 and half year old daughter and in June we are going to have a newborn.
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