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Exclamation Can SL gsd's make a good personal protection dog?

I'm not planning on training my gsd pup in personal protection but I was just wondering. I was doing some research on the topic and basically everybody out there is saying that on WL gsd's are good for personal protection and for working. And that SL gsd's are weaker, more shy and not good for protection at all. In fact there was one person who said that they wouldn't trust a SL gsd to protect any of his/her family members. Also that they will do nothing more than bark at strangers and that they are much friendlier with them. I really don't want to believe what these people said! I just found a wonderful SL gsd pup that I'm planning on getting in a week. (from a reputable breeder of coarse).
Is what they said true? Please tell me your experiences with both lines. Thank you so much guys!
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