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Car Barking Driving the Family Nuts

Hello, I'm posting this as a new thread because I haven't seen anyone addressing this specific issue. My male GSD, Ben, is a good boy and doesn't bark much at home; however, he has never liked riding in the car and is now barking all the time while on car rides. He does NOT bark at other dogs/people/cars he sees. He just barks like crazy. My husband and I hypothesize that it happens when he thinks we're going to the dog park, his doggy daycare, or Petco (his three favorite places), but he also just does it most of the time he's in the car.

This is driving us nuts. We tried shaking a can with coins at him, but he just gets even more of us sometimes sits in the back with him, but we can't do that every time (and it doesn't work every time).

Any suggestions? We love our dog, but riding in the car with him is terrible.

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