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Advice on Training Methods

Hey everyone!

So I am looking at defiantly getting a puppy in the second half of the year. I have just been approved by a breeder for an upcoming litter.

I am getting a Working Line DDR Shepherd. I did A LOT of research on this decision before I made it and went through the application and screening process for this breeder I am going through right now. I have a couple others pending, since I am trying to see if I can get a pup with the perfect temperament for me.

I understand Working Line GSDs require a lot more exercise and vigorous training than other GSD lines. I have looked at Schutzhund/IPO training, but there are no clubs anywhere in my area. I live in northern Michigan. There are only one or two basic obedience schools within my vicinity, but I am not sure these are what I am looking for when it comes to training my potential GSD.

I have trained many dogs, but since making this decision I know that having a Working Line GSD will far outpace my personal skills and seeking the help of a professional will be the best course of action.

Mostly I want some advice, maybe someone to help me network. Maybe you know trainers closer to me (I can drive around 2 hours max) that are experienced with working breeds.

Also, what are your opinions on starting the puppy with clicker training? Your opinions on E-Collars? Any other advice you can give me will be appreciated.

Again, I have been doing hardcore research, talking and networking with breeders and owners of Working Line GSDs, so this isn't a light decision. I am only seeking a companion dog, with the potential for working activities. The breeders I am working with are fully aware that I seek a companion and are placing me with breedings that are going to best match that. I have joined every GSD group on Facebook for Michigan, but I hesitate to get anyone's opinions on training from Facebook, because...well I can get anyone on there and I would rather get some advice and guidance from people who know what I am getting into.

Below are the links to the only training schools I could locate nearest to me (I live in Houghton Lake, MI). Let me know what you think of either of them?

Professional Dog Training Service in Charlevoix, Michigan
Pine Meadows Dog Training
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