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Exclamation Day five of GSD not going #2? to health issues!!!!!

Hello all,
I'm not sure if this is the proper place for this, but I just decided on this.

I want to give a small thanks for taking the time and coming to this form topic. Now onto the problem.
We moved about a week ago, to a new part of town. My german shepherd/rottie mix was a bit anxious about the move, but she got over the scariness of it. I noticed while walking her in the front patch of grass (it's fairly large; a city bus can comfortably park in it) and she'll be fine with urinating. It doesn't take very long to do #1. But our problem is with #2. I walk her on her leash for a good half an hour to an hour around the same area of grass, even venturing to other parts of the condominiums. But she just will not go. I know she has to because the way she walks, partially begins to squat, but then stands back up and continues walking. I thought at first it was just the excitement between all the new smells and a lot more cats, but it's been a week now and she still won't go.

Any advice, hints, or tips on how I can make her go somehow? Today marks day five for not going. I don't want her to get way backed up and cause something bad.

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