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David Taggart
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I've tried treats
A treat is a reward. What you are rewarding him for?

Many people want their new dog to be a copy of their previous dog, or, at least, to match their own idea what a civilized dog should like. This disposition is very wrong and can damage a positive foundation you should lay for your puppy. Wait identifying his whining as something negative. Your dog speaks to you, and he indicates at the objects by whining, he could be just too excited about a big open world he is not afraid of. What he wants to tell you? Try to read it by listening to different intonations in his voice. Some passing people he wants to sniff, some dogs to play with, some places to search more closely. He will get used to be in a new environments (depends how often you take him to new places) and will whine only at the objects he is really excited at. What you should do - you should direct his alert. Train him to play ball and retrieve it first. Train him to find a hidden ball. Train him to find a hidden ball on a tree and indicate it with whining. Train him to find the ball in association with a particular smell and indicate it with whining. You never know, you may end up recovering clandestine burials and become a famous handler of a cadaver dog owing to his whining.
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