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Is my pup biting aggressively?

My 3 month old pup is definitely mouthy. And I understand that he is teething and is play biting. But as of late he's been really aggressive in his bites and has been trying to nip at my feet, ankles, hands, clothes, and now he's starting to grab my forearm. His bites are really hard to the point it scratches or punctures through my clothes.

I've done the high pitch yelp, which in turn eggs him on and will continue to bite. I've done the getting up and walking away, but he just follows n tries to bite my feet n ankles. I've diverted him to toys and bully sticks but it only lasts so long. And lastly, per my vet, I've done alpha dominant pin down. He'll calm when he's pinned, but will get back at it after we praised him for calming down.

I'm at my wits end, I feel like I've tried everything in regards to biting/mouthing. I even tried to go with it trying to enjoy his "puppiness" and it goes to far when he's trying to cling on my arms. I don't know what to do.
He's going to board an training tomorrow and I'm hoping they can find a resolution and teach us. But in the mean time, any other suggestions or constructive critism??


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