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Unhappy Very Urgent

All blues. My GSD (2 years 1 Month - All vaccinated None missed at all) Day before yesterday day by night he was fine and yesterday by eve he was bit lethargic although responding to commands, as usual (Which he is doing even today). I immediately took him to Vet. By having a look at my K-9 The vet affirmed that he was fine and was active. Then he passed stool with blood, first one, (Diaehoria) like splash. Immediately the Vet administered following treatment:-
Day-1 Yesterday (1900 hrs)
* Ringer Drip IV (With Following mix 500ml)
-Injection Oflobid
-Injection Neubion (Vitamins)
Injection Flagyl IV
* Day-2 Today (1230 hrs)
-Same as above
-Injection Velosef 500mg
So far the boy is not eating anything!!!
Has vomited 3 times since yesterday (No Blood) once it was all Grass in it.
Passed another bloody stool today.
Future Medication (Will be)
Day-3 (0900hrs)
-As today
1900 hrs repeat Injection Velocef 500 mg Only
Only Inj velocef 500mg twice

*Vet is very experienced boasted "Never ever any K-9 has died in my hands, even almost dead have i revived" (I hope he does not make history on mine)

Guys how is my boy doing?SO far. Is the situation FATALLY ALARMING.

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