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Am I expecting too much from a 9 1/2 week old? Advice??

I know he's just a baby.. but i cant lie, sometimes i get a little frustrated.

So far:
-He is, for the most part, house trained. He will ring a bell by the door to let us know he needs to potty.. but i dont think he's quite figured out that outside is the ONLY place to potty. So we keep an eye on him 24/7
-He knows 'sit' and 'down'. He's fairly consistent with that but when hes too excited he wont always do it and if he does he just gets right back up.
-He knows stay but only for about 10 steps then he breaks stay. Non-existent with distractions
-Recall in the house is a hit or miss depending on what his mind is wrapped around
-He knows 'drop it' when we're playing tug with his toys.. but for some reason wont let go of socks or other NON-toy items as easily.
-He also knows 'leave it' but it only works with food or treats. If he wants to get at the floor mat or socks or whatever else.. there is no stopping him.
-He knows to sit and wait when I open his crate or give him his meal or water.
-He's very good on walks. Sticks right next to me and watches me the whole walk (up to 40 minute walks now). Even with barking dogs, cars, animals, objects on the ground, loud noises, etc.. he'll just glance over then keep following me. He'll sit with no command if i come to a halt but he chews his leash if we're stopped for too long or if his leash is on him at home. All the 'drop its' and 'leave its' dont seem to work at all.
-When he's out of his crate.. he is on the go. wont stop, or slow down.. just runs around. Sniffing, chewing, biting anything he can and trying to crawl through every tight space and nook and cranny
-I do bite inhibition when we're playing and leave the room. Do I do bite inhibition when we're playing tug with his toy and he accidentally catches my hand? or if he nips me while I'm giving him a treat for doing something right? How do i do this? Leave the toy with him, say "ow" and walk out of the room? Wouldn't he just play with the toy?
-How do I do bite inhibition for nipping at pants and ankles? It's usually in the hallway so I can't really just say "ow" and walk away
-He's good about getting his teeth brushed (cuz the poultry flavored toothpaste), doesnt squirm too much with brushing (with treats), but when giving him a shower.. he doesnt even go for treats. Just tries to escape. Will he just get used to it? Or will his hatred for showering just grow more and more?

Sorry, I know there are a lot of questions. Spring quarter doesnt start until April so I've been spending a lot of time with him... So I think i tend to get a bit frustrated as the day progresses. But I'm trying to get as much training done before I have to start school again. So.. am I just expecting too much from him right now? Will some of these problems start working themselves out over time? Will there be a clear maturity difference as he gets older? Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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