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With a construction background working in the Hollywood Hills hundred year-old homes are an absolute nightmare. If you click on my name and look at some recent posts you will see what I'm doing with my puppy. My vet is an allergy specialist I have the puppy on coconut oil plant enzymes and something that is called; mineral clay. My vet indicated today that carrots can be a problem. I won't going to specifics but it creates estrogen in the adrenal glands. If it was me go to the health food store and get some virgin coconut oil give a half a teaspoon per meal or a teaspoon a day start the dog on plant enzymes as quickly as possible and then slowly add the mineral clay if that doesn't help in a month then you need to consult an allergy specialist vet. The dust in the attic and in the ventilation system being the hundred years old with asbestos dust dirt mice droppings etc. is an absolute nightmare
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