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Whats Wrong with My German Shepherd

First off this is my first post but I'm not having any luck it seems with my vet or looking online. I have a female german shepherd who will be 2 here in a few months. Shes been in great health till this last December. In December we started noticing a patch of hair started thinning out to almost nothing in a couple weeks, the rest of her coat was fine. We took her to our vet, he said it seemed like anxiety where she was biting at it herself and causing the hair loss. Vet said it was a little inflamed and had little bumps, he gave her a shot and prescribed an antibiotic to take. We started her on the medicine and then sent her to a 3 week obedience course where they continued it. When I picked her up most of the spot had cleared up and hair regrew and she looked really good. After being home a week the spot started getting worse again and this time it had spread to another spot on her opposite side, the back of her thighs, base of her tail and real bad on her ears. Again took her to the vet and again another shot and same medicine. He says its allergies and dry skin. Shes always been on the same food with no problems, we give her oatmeal shampoo bathes and nothing seems to help. Shes been on the medicine for a week now with no changes. She still eats fine, no change in weight or behavior, shes still very active, the spots don't seem to bother her besides occasion scratching. They are not red but white. Any ideas please???

Just to add we live in ohio in a 100 year old home with a gas furnace. It is very dry in our house if that makes a difference. Thanks
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