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My GSD Seems More Interested In My Sister (MOVED)

Not 100% sure if this is the correct place for the thread or not, so I apologise in advance if it isn't.

So my GSD just turned 3 years old, and I got him when he was 8 weeks old. For his whole life, I have been the one who takes care of him. I walk him, feed him, clean him, play with him, etc. I live with my mother currently, and my sister comes and goes throughout the year. My sister usually sticks around for 3-4 months and is then away for the rest of the year.

Anyway, when my sister isn't living at home, my GSD prefers me over my mother. Every morning when I wake up, he is sleeping at my bedroom door upstairs waiting for me. (He sleeps downstairs). If I sit on the couch to watch television, he runs over as fast as he can to sit with me or play. If I am at the computer, he will come sit next to me for a pat. He seems very interested in me.

He does also go and sit with my mother sometimes too. She has her own dog who is 11 years old, which never leaves her side. But if I sit down, I'm his priority.

However, when my sister is home, I'm no longer the one he really focuses on. He will go sit with her, almost all day. If she shuts the door of the room she is in, he will sit outside waiting. If she walks around or goes outside, he follows. It seems like my sister is his favourite person.

So at first I thought that the reason for this is because he knows she won't be here for a long time, and he wants to spend as much time as he can with her. However, when my dad comes to visit, my GSD still sits at my door and still sees me as his priority.

So I'm really wondering why my dog prefers my sister? She doesn't really do anything with him, other than the occasional play or pat, but most of the time she ignores him, and he still seems so interested. I suppose I am a little jealous, because my GSD is my best friend and I'm just second best to somebody else. And I am assuming this is something that will never disappear and he will always enjoy her presence over mine.
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