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Please help- overly sensitive dog?

I have a 4 year old GSD, Maylee. She is my world- the most loyal, caring dog I have ever meet. In November, I brought home a puppy, Murphy, to join the family. At first Maylee wanted nothing to do with him. Then they played so rough I got worried. But it got better and I couldn't keep the two of them apart!

Now, two months later, Maylee seems very depressed. She will still play with him on occasion but she is just not "acting" like herself. Sometimes she walks around whining and will barely touch her food at times. She also will pant for no reason (no physical activity or heat) she also asks to go outside and then will just sit by the door to be let back in.

I took her to the vet and they did a physical exam and blood work. Everything came back fine. They seemed to think that the new puppy was just stressing her out. I went with that and a few days later she started vomiting. Called the vet again and they did X-rays today. Everything came back fine. They still think she is stressed from the new puppy. They tell me that Maylee is just an overly sensitive dog and it may take some time for her to adjust to the new addition.

I know Maylee is super sensitive because if i even raise my voice to correct the puppy, she will run away. also, if i take the puppy to obedience class and leave her at home, she will not even come near me the rest of the day. Has anyone ever experienced this? What do I do to make this easier for her?
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