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Good for you for being prepared. If it's fairly easy to get in and out of, I would feed her meals in it. Preface with a word "bunk up" or something and go down with her food.

You are not going to ever be in it for an extended period. Tornados don't last that long. So a crate is not needed.

And to be honest, in an extreme situation, grab her collar and push her down the steps. She don't have to like it, just get in it. LOL.

unless you are zombie apocoplyse prepper and will be living there when the dead reanimate. But if it's truly just a storm shelter.... I would feed her a bit, Make a game if going up and down the steps, but not stress too much. I would recommend having a slip leash near the door. You want a leash that won't slip over her head if she panics and backs up. Those cheap ones vets offices use, would be perfect. That way if the alarms go off, you can slip that over her head and just go, and she can't get away if she panics.

In the end it's about saving her life. So you do what you have to do.

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