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I used to get the "is she a wolf" comment pretty regularly. I always thought it was kinda funny.

When Maddie was in a dog cart the last year of her life (on walks) I was constantly approached by strangers asking questions. Most would ask if her leg was broken or if she was hurt. She needed it due to her HD and the cart made a huge difference in her life.

We rolled by a pre-school one day and a swarm of kids ran over. They were very curious and asked a ton of questions about the cart. I patiently answered all of them while Maddie soaked up their attention. She always loved kids.

The strangest but most touching question was from a total stranger who drove by Maddie and me on our walk. She was in her prime at the time and was a real looker. This guy stops his car and leans out the window. He asked if he could pet Maddie. He looked desperate and briefly explained that he just lost his GSD. I told him that he was welcome to pet her. He climbed out of his car and got down on the ground with her, giving her a nice long pet. After about a minute he broke down crying and darted into his car--he was so choked up he couldn't talk.

I was so proud of Maddie that day. You see she was normally rather aloof to strangers (except kids) and would shrug off a pet lasting more than about 5 seconds. But somehow she knew this guy really needed some doggie attention. She held still for him and even tucked her head into him a bit. I totally understand how that guy felt and sympathize with his need. Just so glad that Maddie understood and could help him out.
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