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Our pup and Strom/tornado shelters

It is getting to be that time again,praying this year we get a break. We had our shelter installed in January, it is a in ground shelter in our garage. We have been slowly getting our kids used to going in the shelter so need to get Abby used to it as soon as possible since spring is quickly going to be upon us. We don't have room for her crate plus the kids and supplies. Plus I will have just minutes to get myself,her and my kids in it and the door shut. We had 10ish minutes notice on May 20th. So any ideas to teach her to go in on her own, it has nice metal stairs once the door is slid open? I have one kiddo who has to be carried down the stairs since he can't do stairs well. I figure we will get a bed to keep down there for her to lay on.

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