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Can't keep him out of the cat litter boxes!

I have a 10 month old pup who gets fed two cups of Science Diet twice a day as he is roughly 80 lbs.
I have four cats, and a cat litter box in two rooms. The boxes are cleaned out twice a day, sometimes three. As often as possible to reduce the chances of the dogs going for it. I can't change their placement because I'm afraid to try to retrain my cats where it is- if I could even find another place for the boxes. I hate to close the cats in the room when I'm not home or not down the hall.
He always has plenty of water, toys to chew on, a bed to lay in and two other dogs to play with. I am just at a complete loss as to why he does this and how to stop him. I scold him for it daily as I usually can catch him in the act or just after. Most of the time he already rolls over with his ears down because he knows he was bad. Yet he does it anyway? It hasn't made him sick so far but I know it can't be good for him. He doesn't eat the other dogs' waste either.
Any ideas as to why/how to stop it?
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