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Potty Training vs. Vaccinations

Hi All,

So im a new puppy owner and my GSD is about 3 months now. I've had him for a week. When i first brought him home, he had his first series of vaccinations. I tried potty training him for the 1st and 2nd day. Thing is, i live in a tri-level townhome and i do not have a yard where he can eliminate. I do have a front porch and i've tried and tried and tried taking him out in front, but he just would not go. I've tried puppy pads out in the house and he totally missed and then tried to puppy pads outside my porch so he can be familiar what to do, but nope, no go. My BF's sister who came over the second day, told me he'd probably go on the grass. Mind you, i dont have a yard, BUT i do have a small walking area right across my house where people walk, especially their dogs. She took him out there and there you have it, he went!! So since then, we've been taking him to that grass area to eliminate.

My concern is because he is a new pup who had his first vaccine series, who just got his second set yesterday; is it still okay? (i mean a lil' too late because he's been going on the grass for a week now) but do i have anything to worry about? I know PARVO is the main thing and a lot of my neighbors walk there dogs in that area but you can never be too sure. It is a newly built walk area, about 6 months new in our new community home. But i do watch him very closely every time he has to go.

I took him to the vet yesterday (where he got his 2nd set of vaccines) and i asked the nurse about it, and she said if it's the only way, then its okay, but just to be careful. Im just confused because i know him eliminating is important and his immune system is too! So you can see the predicament that im in.

I just dont want to look like the new mom who is putting her baby in danger. Owners who live in townhomes, apartments, or homes with no yards, what did you guys do with your puppy? And what are your suggestions and advice?

Thanks so much!
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