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Question Questions about breeders in NY Area...

Hubby and I are looking for a GSD breeder somewhere relatively local.
We are in Eastern Suffolk County on Long Island... I've been searching through the AKC site and elsewhere, trying to find breeders that seem legitimate and responsible, with well-spaced litters and appropriate pedigree information, OFA certs, health info, etc. I'm very new to this, as I grew up with rescues (Chow-Chows and an American Eskimo mix)... hubby had a Husky and a GSD-mix growing up and has had his heart set on a GSD for as long as I've known him... (13+ years). We are finally in contract on our first home with a large backyard and he wants his pup! We have two daughters, 7&8... And I am a 'stay@home' mom, so I'll be the one doing the majority of the training and walking and general puppy care, so I want to get off to a good start with a healthy pup!

I emailed this breeder (Roberts Kennels -Site also talks about 'Howlynn's German Shepherds', so maybe that the name to go by?) for more information. Mainly because they say they are 'upstate' and I was curious how far they are from us...
I gave a little of our background and also asked about their waiting list and what requirements or suggestions they have for prospective adoptive families...
The owner responded back with the following:

**** E-mail response removed by ADMIN - ****

It seems like many others have long waiting-lists and seem a bit 'picky' when it comes to adopting out their pups... I worry that this sounds a little 'over-eager'. I looked up the phone number she gave and they are actually almost a 6-hour drive from us, which we would do if we were sure it was an excellent breeder... But I'm curious if anyone knows any good breeders further downstate or on Long Island... I know of one other out here (All Island German Shepherd K-9 Services | Puppy Sales | Dog Training | Security Work) but nobody we know has ever heard of them and their dogs look really huge! Maybe it's just the pictures... I sent an inquiry and haven't heard anything from them... They 'sound' impressive but I'm not sure I'm a good judge of this...
(We WOULD prefer the 'working line' dogs simply because they look more healthy and 'sturdy' to me... I worry about the ones with the more-sloped backs, maybe I'm crazy, it just looks painful...)

Just hoping someone could give some input, I'm so new to the GSD 'game' and I want to make sure I learn enough ahead of time and we are off to a good start from the get-go!

Thanks in advance!

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