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Is my puppy a bit TOO friendly?

Hello! After receiving so much helpful information on my last question I figured I'd as another one that's been puzzling me... Is it normal for my 6 month old puppy to be way too friendly towards people she's never seen?
Where I live we own a lot of property, we have a huge back yard and and own two vacant lots on each side of us, so we let our puppy free run a lot. She's very good at recalling, in fact if you even mention her name she usually ends up running over to you. However, being a puppy she is very excitable and lacks the self control of a fully grown dog, its like her play drive clouds her judgment. Anyways, a few days ago as we were playing fetch in the lot, a stranger (not a stranger to me, as I know the person quite well) to her, comes jogging up the road. (Every now and then somebody will come for a stroll up the road) and unfortunately the puppy saw them before I did. Without warning she just goes bounding down the road to greet the stranger. He was visibly scared seeing a 60 lb german shepherd running full speed to him but when she got up to him she just started licking him and reared up on her back legs and he petted her, and while this was going on she would not respond to me whatsoever. While this scenario may have ended well, what if it would have been a child? She could have easily knocked a kid over onto the cement and the parents would not be happy about that at all. I've always read that German Shepherds tend to be indifferent, or even (without appropriate socialization) hostile towards strangers. Is it normal for a puppy to act this way? she is a puppy after all. More importantly, what training could I do to better her recall when she is overly excited and teach her not to go stampeding towards somebody she's never seen? There are many people in my neighborhood that are not very dog friendly and while I would never take her around another persons house without a leash, you never know when she will see somebody approaching and go crazy. I would just like to teach her to be more wary of strangers. Please help!

Thank you!

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