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Puppy not satisfied if sleeping area!

We just adopted a 3 month male GS pup. We've been trying to crate train (despite all the whining and barking) but we are stern that is his place of stay. However, in the beginning when he's free from his crate (during day, playtime, and yes we're watching him like a hawk) we noticed he's like to sleep or take naps on kitchen floor next to his crate. Then about 1-2 says ago, he's been interested in going downstairs to our entry way and stay there and lay on the tile floor and falls alseep. I feel bad picking him up or waking him up to go inside his crate, but he should start learning it is his sleeping den.

Not sure what type of behavior this is. But if someone can advise me as what to do or what I can learn from his migrating from kitchen area to downstairs entry way, is greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!

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