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Originally Posted by selzer View Post
What do you mean by "mouthy?"
She walks up to you and takes your hand in her mouth when she's mad. She doesn't apply pressure, but it's obvious she's doing it because she's not getting her way.

Depending on what "mouthing" is, I think maybe you should google NILIF.
We have practiced this to an extent, but not religiously. It's a great place to start; thank you!

Privileges are what exactly? Extensive attention is what exactly?
In addition to long walks (at least one, anywhere from 30-90 mins a day), she gets out of the house multiple times a week (dog park, pet stores). We also play ball with her anywhere from 30-120 minutes a day. She receives extensive attention and has never wanted for anything.

When mouthing starts, remove that which is being mouthed and do not give attention for mouthing. None. Game Over.
We do. We initially tried placing ourselves in time out (moving away from her), but she destroys the house when we take this approach. Now, we immediately place her in her room for a time out when she places our hands in her mouth.

When a pup gets over exhuberant during play or what have you, and behavior is getting out of hand, game over.
As I said, it's not from play or excitement. However, when she was in the normal land shark phase, the approach you mentioned is what we did.

Look into NILIF (Nothing in Life Is Free), it's a place to start.
I will implement this more consistently. Thank you!

However, I'm still wondering if others have had a similar experience with dogs of the same age?
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