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Stalking and pouncing, Nonny might be a cat.

He's been doing this stalking thing with my other dog. It seems my other dog is baiting him and it's kind of a game. He'll grab up a toy, then go stand at a distance, and Nonny will fix on him, stand still, then slowly move towards him gradually speeding up then he pounces. He'll also pounce from the couch or the recliner! I first noticed this pouncing to be just when he wants a toy that the other has; he would pounce on top of the other and take the toy.

I'm pretty sure he's just playing, and obviously I have to watch out for roughhousing as my other dog is a Chi and could get hurt. I don't think it's a dangerous behavior, but I could be wrong. Again, outside of accidentally hurting the little dog.

I do stop them and intervene when the play is too rough or I think the little one may be about to be hurt. For instance, Nonny likes to drag the little dog around by his tail sometimes and sort of wrestle that way; the little one takes it in stride and plays back. I do have to intervene on this tail pulling thing b/c little guy could get hurt. I let it go until they start rolling around and Nonny still hasn't let go of the other's tail.

So, should I worry more than I am or just keep doing what I'm doing in keeping a close eye and refereeing?
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