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Default Obedient inside - Defiant outside :(

Hi folks,

This time Iíve a question about training/behavior of my boy jack.

Heís very obedient when we are playing training inside the house or EVEN in my lawn for that matter. But as soon as I take him outside, he wonít listen to me. He wonít sit when I tell him to, let alone going down Ė which he does on the very first command when inside. When I tell him to stay, heíll simply follow me as soon as I start to walk away from him but heíll put stay for hours at the same spot when we are inside. It also happens even when there is no distraction out there, and even when there are distractions, Jackie stays focused on me but won't listen.

So what can I do to make him obey me outside?

Look forward to your great responses!

Many thanks
P.S. I believe the doctrine that whenever thereís a problem in a dog, itís the owners fault. So Iím really frustrated that what am I doing wrong? I know Jackie is a smart boy and I love him to bits.
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