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Not the best experience at Obedience II class last night

So this is the third class we have taken at this club. The first two I couldn't say enough praise about. The teachers came in and introduced themselves, gave us folders with info/homework. Gave us contact info and communicated info through email. She asked who planned to show their dog and 2 out of 11 people said they were. Those instantly became her focus in the class and favorite regardless of how their dogs behaved.

Last night was the first night of Obedience II. I feel my dog easily has all the skills needed to complete this class. The trainer never even said her name, gave out no contact info or paperwork. She showed off her not very impressive dog for the first part of the class. Then without any suggestion of what she expected started us heeling our dogs and then just started yelling at the people in the class for everything they did wrong. I could understand if she showed us what she wanted then gave us a chance to practice it but this was with no attempt to show you what she wanted then just yelled when you didn't do it her way. I got yelled at a few times not because my dog didn't do what she wanted but because I didn't use the terminology or hand signals she wanted. This is so frustrating to me because every trainer seems to have different hand signals and commands and then complain when you don't do it their way.

An example was I used heel for my dog to come to my left leg. I have seen this in training videos where the word heel is used for the dog to glue themselves to your left leg and regardless if you are standing in place, pivoting in a circle or walking the command means to stick to your left leg. She yelled at me that heel is only for when you are walking and you just yank on your dog when it gets in front of you. She demanded I just say sit and the dog knows to sit at my side. I am also supposed to use sit to have her sit at a distance and sit for her to sit in front of me. I have no idea how the dog is supposed to distinguish between what to do when. Then she is complaining your dog isn't sitting exactly at your side .. well I can't say the command that she knows to do that.

This continued through the class to almost all the participants. Your dog isn't in place, keep your dog at your side, push her hips to the ground after you say sit once if she doesn't listen. My dog usually leaves training classes super excited and even she was down after this one. This all in the first class before she ever taught us what was expected.

I am thinking of asking if I can switch to the Obedience I class that started the same night. Even though I don't think that is where my dog should be I only do this because I like to work with my dog, she enjoys it and I think it is good to work around other dogs as distractions.

Then when I am leaving she says something to the effect of "We will see you next week, if you decide to come back". That alone had me feeling like she didn't want me there.

Sorry for the rant I woke up still thinking about this class with a pit in my stomach.

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