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Originally Posted by Chip18 View Post
Well your thinking about what "you" might be doing wrong and that's great! I would suggest losing the prong, you did something wrong or you still would not be having this issue. Been there did that, the only dog I had that would not walk worth a crap on a leash was the only dog I used a prong collar on incorrectly!

Since you seem to have both time and patience, just start over and give this a try:

Stop your dog from pulling on the leash video - YouTube

It will do no harm and might be all you need? If it fails then hire a trainer.
That video is really helpful, thanks. I do something similar, with the turn every time he gets ahead of me, and he will do good with that. It's just maybe I'm not doing it enough. I'll keep on it, and try some of the other points in the video. Thanks for the link.
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