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I am very protective of my puppy when walking her in the neighborhood. Never dog parks, no interactions with strange dogs she doesn't know. A girl walked up yesterday and I nailed her. She walked up like she was going to introduce her dog to the pup. I had three thing's going on or more at the moment. One, was a guy we were talking about raw food, the wife hand's me the cell with the plumber on the line, told the plumber I could speak with him in 45 min., not now. The girl continues up without one word, I said, "don't be stupid." Rough yes, rude yes, brash yes. I don't want my girl to have a bad experience with a animal she doesn't know !!! I am daddy. I protected her from whatever.. I don't know the girl, the dog, nothing. Now, stay away, you have no clue if the dog is $2000.00, $5000.00 or $150- ? Every time she get's startled, I need to comfort her and reassure her this is life as a dog and it's okay.

I need to go now the wife is
refereeing a Jack on his back and an aggressive female GSD..

Be aware !
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