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Should I avoid the dog park/Petco now that a bad association has been erected? Or should I keep her a safe distance away and engage her and make it a more comfortable thing, but do it slowly like over a course of a few weeks? Just as Twyla suggested I should have done after the dog park.

And if the issue persists with people/dogs--which, I'm reading the thread Twyla posted(should I be worried about her being okay around them right now?) if so, should I keep to the same thing, and be a safe distance away, get her engaged in OB or play, and then walk by it with her attention focused on me? Or should I have them walk by as we're playing/training, and just keep coming closer every few minutes until I can see her become un/comfortable?

Or just keep doing as I was doing, besides the dog park/dog stores, and take her everywhere with me(like parks, shopping areas, on long walks, in neighborhoods, etc?)

Sorry for flooding you guys, but I've messed her up the last two days, and I want to fix it.
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