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Odd bloat-like symptoms, urgent

You're the first group I thought of to ask, I'm hoping you can provide insight as you always have had in the past.

After a typical meal tonight (preceded by licking the last traces of peanut butter from a jar), Renji suddenly became very distressed, almost like he was terrified of something. Tried to take him out a couple times and outside he was fine, but inside this would repeat. Finally took him out on a walk. He was extremely agitated as in darting this way and that. Finally, he had a small bowel movement, very soft but not diarrhea and no blood, but after that, HE COULD NOT WALK. Just stood there. Seemed to try to move his rear legs, but couldn't. He didn't stumble or fall, just appeared otherwise "frozen."

We took turns carrying him back and while he is normally good about being carried, he will make it clear when he is ready to be put down. It was like carrying a sack of potatoes. Quite scary.

I get him home and call the ER vet, of course they say to come in. Long story short, we never had good luck with going to the ER vet for bloat. They pump him, yell at me for feeding raw, and off we go. The best thing we did was a prophylactic gastropexy and for YEARS we didn't have a single issue.

Renji is now curled up on the floor, sleeping as though nothing happened. Mind you, all this is in a matter of maybe a half hour since we had to carry him back.

His normal bloat symptoms are licking the air, licking the carpet, and acting agitated but nowhere near to this level. He did not display ANY licking behavior. Gums appear normal. I really don't think this is bloat. Every single time he has bloated in the past (many times), the same symptoms appear. Stomach was a little tight but not quite tight enough.

Of course, if Renji was still freaking out or unable to move, this post wouldn't be happening because we'd be off to the ER vet. But now he is snoozing comfortably. Gums look normal. Before finally laying down now, he was moving normally again.

Any ideas? Obviously we're going to see his usual vet during normal hours but I don't want to rush him to the ER vet for a horrendous case of painful gas. We've all had gas that made us want to not move. But for anyone who has seen these symptoms and know them to be signs of something darker, please do share. Thanks for any and all input.

Renji - 6 y/o M GSD x chow rescue

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