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Best Training books/DVDs

I anxious to get my dog, Hugo, into this kind of training. I have been watching videos about it and have become obsessed. I am always looking for new ways and more fun ways to push both myself and my dog when it comes to training. He is only three months so we have some time before the real training starts. He's catching on to obedience training so fast and loves it. He can't get enough. He is equally food driven as he is toy driven(I got really lucky). So it is usually me that has to end the training sessions because I'm exhausted.
Anyway, I'd love to get him into schutzhund/IPO not only for the protection and obedience, but for the fun and challenge of the training as well. It looks like it's very tedious work, as well as fun, that will keep both me and my pup challenged. I was wondering, since he is only three, if there were any really good books or DVDs to start already as sort of a prerequisite. Also, when we get there, the best book/DVD for the actual training. Also, I would love to hear some tips from experience. Any stories or hints to training? Maybe something that worked really well for you pup. Thanks

Hugo- 12/09/13
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