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Exclamation Need help - not responsive, no focus ADHD

Ok so I have my gorgeous German shepherd male - Dex
Dex is 9months old. We have been going to doggy classes for a few months now and I have been trying to do basic training with him from day one. (Got him at 10weeks old)

He is over the top. Non stop. It's at the stage where a German shepherd pro at my classes (his passion is GSD and is obsessed with mine) came outright and said he isn't normal. Looking for other opinions please
They thought he was deaf tonight. No matter what we used... Clicking behind his ears while looking elsewhere. Calling him. Whistling. Squeaky toys. All noises were completely ignored and he never even looked at you once... ( we had one person holding him and in the sit position while four others stood in different positions around the hall we were in. (All other dogs gone by this stage so no distactions).
I decided to test this a bit when I got home. He occasionally looks when I say his name. His ears flick with scratching the sofa. And he sits on command when I cover my mouth. But this varies. Sometimes, sorry... Most of the time he ignores me. He acts like he has ADHD. He is everywhere and cannot focus at all. He will never look at me. Even in the house. If there is any distraction for ex. Leave the house. Other dogs. Other people he goes mad and you can't say or do anything to get his focus or attention. I e tried good held at my face for teaching focus which is fine in my kitchen but works no where else.
He is a gorgeous, soft dog. But he is so unruly I am considering having to give him up. There is no bond. Never had been as much as I've tried. He has no respect and there is no joy in having him at the moment.
I'm running low on what to do.
He gets over excited at seeing any dog and sounds hugely aggressive with constant barking till he eventually gets to say hello (once he's calmed down) and he is a very big and strong boy for 9 months old.
Opinions and advice hugely appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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