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Working/sport dogs- socialize?

hi guys, I have a few things I wanted some feedback on. So Anna is 6 months old now, she is starting to do much better with other dogs (as she use to be VERY Barky and sound really scary whenever we saw another dog). It seems as she gets older the reactions are going away and she's starting to play with a few dogs that I know (dogs who belong to friends of mine). My first question is, is it ok to socialize a sport/working dog with other dogs? Other protection sport people (mainly on Facebook) are telling me not to. They say if she discovers that other dogs are more fun she will stop listening to me.

My next question, I had Anna in petco, she was in a down, while I spoke with a friend (I was holding the leash and about a foot away from her). When she started to make this strange bark/growl/whine, the sounds she makes when we do bite work. I quickly looked at her to see what in the world she was doing and saw her staring very intensely at a lady who was about an isle away looking at a ferret cage. The women had a large bulky purse over her shoulder- ANNA THOUGHT IT WAS A SLEEVE!! (Or a tug- whatever). I said "Anna NO" moved her from her down, so that she was facing away from the lady and she stopped. Is this behavior normal? Do people who do protection sport just generally avoid public settings with there dogs? I wasn't to hard on her, she's only playing. should I have corrected her more for it?

Last thing- she is starting to drool like crazy when she sees her ball, or tugs. I took some pics while we played today.


Working/sport dogs- socialize?-imageuploadedbypg-free1394051661.042680.jpg

Working/sport dogs- socialize?-imageuploadedbypg-free1394051674.287241.jpg

Working/sport dogs- socialize?-imageuploadedbypg-free1394051685.468910.jpg

Working/sport dogs- socialize?-imageuploadedbypg-free1394051702.256497.jpg
(Lol look at her face)

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