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Breeding GSD HELP!

I have both dogs that I own. My female has just came into her 2nd heat this morning by the tell of fresh blood she left me where she woke up from. When I bought the dogs the breeder told me these two dogs could be bread when they are old enough. They are not brother and sister and they are from different bloodlines. They came from a highly recommended breeder who has been in the business since 1969. -wow! My dogs get a healthy diet and I feed them premium food.

I have already contacted my vet to bring her in for inspection around the 5 day mark to give her a blood test and see where shes at. So, being new to breeding, where can I gain the most accurate information about breeding? I need the 101 basics details from setting up a good puppy friendly environment- my plan was to dedicate a whole bedroom and cover the room with a leak proof liner for easy cleanup. What kinds of things should I have on hand? What should I prepare for most? Once the puppies come I know it's important to keep a sterile environment, should I plan to keep visitors away?

Any info you can provide based on my specific situation would be appreciated.
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